Pet peeves

A student of mine wrote an article about teachers' pet peeves for the school newspaper. I shared the article idea with my family at a gathering and was surprised at the active conversation it sparked. Everyone has some pet peeves. I've noticed that we tend to think that others' pet peeves are ridiculous, yet our own seem to have merit. Would you like to poke fun at some of the lame things that aggravate me? (I've already mentioned my dislike for John Tesh's radio show.) Read on for your chance.

Tina Fey. I know, I know. How can you hate Tina Fey? I don't. I just am tired of seeing publicity shots of her with her eyes rolled. You're going to hate me for mentioning this, because now you're going to see it everywhere. It's just strange. Can't you look into the lens? How hard is that?

I love Liz Lemon

The degeneration of the English language due to texting. Ugh. When did it become so hard to actually type "how are you?" Are you really saving that much time typing "How R U" instead? I've heard it said that "LOL" is the ultimate communication filler. Don't know what to say? LOL! Want to be sarcastic? LOL! What happened to the good ol' smiley emoticon? IDK.

Cards and posters with anthropomorphic puppies and kittens. I can't help wondering what the photographer did to this kitty to get this face. There's no way this poor cat is wishing obesity on his feline friends.

Kitty Kiss

The Reply to All button. Here's the deal: this button is never properly used. According to my (non-)scientific observations, approximately 15% of people do not understand the true purpose of this button. For example, if an e-mail is sent to 50 people, eight of them will hit this button and send increasingly meaningless e-mail to the others. No one cares. Abuse. Abuse. Abuse.

What are your pet peeves?


  1. People who ride your bumper, speed around you only to end up getting stuck behind the same SLOW driver you were following. Really?! Do you not look more than one car length ahead when you are driving?

    People who put beverage containers that contain only 2 Tablespoons back in the refrigerator. Could you not have made room for one more swallow?!

  2. People who asks you to help and then leave as soon as you join in.

  3. I have had that same experience with the bumper drivers! I honestly could have a whole rant on bad drivers. I can't stand it when people drive in the passing lane. Grr.

    I'd have no one to blame but myself if I found a beverage container with 2 tbsps in the fridge!

  4. Gum smackers are pretty bad. But THE WORST for me are total strangers who "advise" me on birth control. I have six kids! I think I know how the whole thing works. Plus, I'd never presume to criticize them for not having any children or deciding that one or two is the right number for their family.
    But I thought the same thing about Tina Fey. 30 Rock is really funny, but I can't bring myself to watch it anymore. That cat poster on the other hand? ADORABLE.
    (Just kidding, you know I hate LOL just as much as you do! Smiley face emoticon)

  5. My pet peeve is people that have pet peeves! :P

  6. One of my pet peeves is red-neck jokes--altho' I did see some pretty funny ones in an antique store, of all places, just today!!!