Take me out to the ball game

In my search for the "quintessential summer experience" (otherwise known as my desire to make summer vacation last as long as possible), I can't believe I didn't think about going to a baseball game. Really, is there a more traditional summer activity than the all-American pastime?

So when my friend suggested going to a game at Target Field, I jumped at the chance. I have a habit of romanticizing things and baseball is no exception. I inhaled the entire experience as I spent an inning and a half walking around the entire park, looking at the field from all angles. I was reminded of one of my favorite movies: Bull Durham. Kevin Costner's veteran catcher Crash Davis describes major league stadiums, "The ballparks are like cathedrals." 

I don't know when I'll visit Target Field again, because my Tigers have not won the last three times I've watched them play in Minneapolis. I'm not normally superstitious, but with sports, I make an exception. One summer I listened to Ice Ice Baby before every softball game. True story. 

I know I've written frequently about my Canon lately, and while I concede that you might be tired of hearing about it-- I. Just. Can't. Help. Myself. I took it to the game and tried out some new features. 


Candid camera

Since I've been using my new Canon (love it!), my little point-and-shoot probably feels neglected. I don't take the photos off its memory card as often as I used to. So today, when I went to review what's on the card, I laughed hysterically for five minutes. I let my nieces and nephews take pictures with the camera and this was the first time I've actually looked at the results.

Take a peek:
Either my sister was *really* cold or the photographer had unsteady hands!

Some very artistic thighs (no Photoshop needed!)

Daring photojournalism. Going where no photographer has gone before. The church bathroom.

My brother's strong jawline


Mini libraries

Here's an idea I'm absolutely in love with. It's called Little Free Library. This movement started in Wisconsin. People all over the nation have built these little bookhouses and filled them with books. You can take a book or leave a book. In my own hometown, I've spotted three of them, but according to the map, there are a few more!

You can download instructions on how to build your own, or even order a kit. I would love to have one, so maybe I'll see if I can get my sister to help me craft it. In the meantime, I've visited one and put a few books inside. Everyone needs a little Nick Hornby, right?


Tip-pig tournament

I'm at the forefront of a new movement, a new twist on an old game. A sport that I am going to lobby to be part of the next summer Olympics. It's called tip-pig. (It's important to note the name. Tip-Dash-Pig.) For complete rules, please visit the official tip-pig website, where co-founder John explains the game in the most complex possible way. :)

Anyway, it's become a summer tradition to get together for tip-pig, complimented by food, drink, music and a campfire. I was pleased to participate in the festivities again this year. I'd like to state that I actually won one of the rounds of tip-pig!  However, I did not do well enough to win the championship belt. Next year. :)

This picture captured a rare moment: Gary defying gravity.

The winner poses with the trophies.

Official scorekeeper (left) and co-founder (right)