Mascot week: Special bonus!

Reading Phillies vs. New Britain Rock Cats - June 19, 2010
Since it's Halloween, my gift to you is a bonus extension of mascot week. I can see young children having night terrors because of this dude's vacant stare! Trick or treat? I'll let you decide.


Mascot week: are you a phan?

This is the world-famous Phillie Phanatic. What happened here? I know he's a baseball tradition, but here's my two cents' worth: he's like a Muppet on steroids with a grudge against Tommy Lasorda. (I guess if a mascot is going to take steroids, it's only fitting that it's a baseball mascot.)


Mascot week: It's time to vote!

Presidents Race, Washington Nationals

It's that time of the year. Our televisions and mailboxes are full of political ads. In fact, my telephone just rang with a campaign call. (I didn't answer.) Maybe you could use a lighthearted look at politics.
Here are the Washington Senators' mascots: Teddy Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. This sports tradition is known as the Presidential Race. They do look very presidential, don't they? :)


Mascot week: World series edition

Time for the fall classic. The San Francisco Giants will battle the American League champion Texas Rangers. The minor league team for the Giants, the Fresno Grizzlies seem to be channeling their inner Berenstein Bear. Their mascot is Parker and he has personality. Read his profile here.

Fresno Grizzlies,  Chukchansi Park May 7th 2010

Fresno Grizzlies,  Chukchansi Park May 7th 2010

I don't know if this is Parker's girlfriend or Parker himself!


Mascot week: This is how it's done

Since I am a life-long Detroit Tigers fan (like Thomas Magnum, P.I, but without the 'stache), I had to include a picture of Paws. I think he's pretty cute.


Mascot week: The start of basketball season

Pitman Day 2009-0610 (399)
Today is the start of the National Basketball Association's (NBA) 2010-11 season, so it seemed fitting to feature a basketball mascot. This is Hip-Hop. He's officially listed as part of team's front office personnel on their website. Clearly, both he and the Sixers' organization take his job seriously. In this photo, it looks like he's wearing a knee brace. Hip-Hop is scheduled for knee replacement surgery. Too much jumping around.


Mascot week: Meet the sausages

Miller Park Sausage Race
Here are the famous Milwaukee Brewers' racing sausages. This tradition is fairly recent (it began in the 1990s with three sausages). At first, I thought this was a strange ritual, but after going to a game at Miller Park, I began to understand their odd appeal. Plus, the marketer in me can't help but admire this perfect promotion for Klement's Sausage of Milwaukee.  The sausages even have names: Brett Wurst (a bratwurst), Stosh (a Polish sausage), Guido (an Italian sausage), Frankie Furter (a hot dog) and Cinco (a chorizo). You can even schedule an appearance with the sausages. Only in Wisconsin!


Mascot week kickoff: Trax

Meet Trax. He's the mascot for our local semi-pro baseball team.

At a baseball game at Carson Park over the summer, I observed that Trax frightened young fans, albeit unintentionally. I can relate.

Describing Trax is problematic. To what species does he belong? The closest I've come to an accurate description is "a carrot with mumps." 

A friend of mine asked him what he was. The mascot craftily evaded answering the question by answering, "An engineer." Well played, Trax. And the mystery remains unsolved.    

So, this post officially kicks off Mascot Awareness Week. Visit each day to meet a new mascot.


My kind of weather

I spotted this sign during a recent visit to a local winery. Sounds perfect! :)


With a little help from my friends

The Beatles nailed this one, all right. Time is a precious commodity for me lately and one result is that some things get put by the wayside. Staining my deck was one of those things. Fortunately for me, I have friends--friends that excel in the area of home improvement and generously gave their time to get it done. Words can't properly express my appreciation, so I'll keep it simple. Thanks, guys. :)