I made it. Barely. Check out the aftermath!

Here's my recipe for a full Friday night:
Take 10 giggly girls, add colorful crafts and generous helpings of pizza, soda, chocolate chip cookies and cake. Sprinkle a small, but potent dose of prankster brothers with scary masks for best results.


Crafting with coach

This fall, I coached a fifth and sixth grade volleyball team, so tomorrow, I'm having 10 middle school girls over to my house for craft night. We're celebrating the end of the season. I expect lots of giggling, chatting and squealing. Maybe I should find some earplugs!

As I was thinking about a project to do with the girls, I was reviewing my crafting supplies and recalling how I got started. The blame for my obsession rests primarily on Jen: a Close to My Heart consultant, talented scrapbooker and very dear friend. :) She introduced me to CTMH nearly 10 years ago and their products are among my favorites when it comes to scrapbooking and crafting. I especially love their beautiful coordinating inks (the design of their swivel ink pads is genius) and papers (the best cardstock I've ever used, with a white core).

I'll post an update from craft night tomorrow and let you know if my eardrums are still intact. :)