That's the sound of the month of March, flying right by. Here I am, writing about looking forward and suddenly...boom! I'm looking back.

My March madness included:
  • A fabulous, girls-only weekend in Minneapolis/St. Paul with my mom and sisters. We relaxed, shopped, snacked and laughed. I recommend the cocktail hour and breakfast omelets at the Embassy Suites Bloomington.
  • Nathan Fillion. In my mailbox. My inner geek was ecstatic. I couldn't even compose complete sentences.
  • Spring break and a snow day in the same month! Both felt as liberating as I remembered them (and as short!). 
  • Exploring a new relationship. It's official. I'm in love with the Kindle 3G. The design is sleek and the user-experience is unparalleled. Right now I'm reading this book about the Civil War and I'm enthralled.
  • Catching up with an old friend. I have been a huge Harlan Coben fan for ages and his character Myron Bolitar is one of my all time favorites. I devoured the new novel in a day and a half.  
  • Indulging a sweet tooth. Check out the birthday cake that two of my students (Laura and Sarah) made for me.
I laughed when I saw it, but I can't argue with the philosophy on the cake. Words to live by! I hope your March madness included a little whimsy too.