Last day of school

Ahhhhh. That sound you hear is me, releasing a deep breath. Yesterday was the school picnic.

Temperature-wise, it was a cool day for May, but the sun was out in full force. I stayed on the sidelines as an observer for most of the day, watching kids of all ages revel in their anticipation of a summer free from homework. However, I did get in a game of sand volleyball. Plus, I couldn't resist the epic water balloon fight despite the crisp air. (Literature adverse students took their best shot at me, seeking revenge because Johnny Tremain was required reading for the fourth quarter!)

I discovered that it's tough to pick up balloon pieces dressed in soaking wet Levis, but the plastic confetti scraps do make a pretty picture.


Shell Answer Aunt

When I was a kid and I peppered my mother with questions, she would sometimes say, "What do I look like? The Shell Answer Man?"  I've never seen any of those old commercials from the 60s and 70s, but still, I find myself saying the phrase occasionally when I'm exasperated with a barrage of questions from a pint-sized person.

There are times when I don't mind being considered an authority on a subject. Take yesterday, for example. I received a phone call from my eight-year-old nephew Daniel.

"Aunt Jill, I have a Star Wars question. How did Padme Amidala die?"

I thought for a moment and finally arrived at this answer: "She died of a broken heart." (I know, kinda complex for a kid, but how do you say she gave up all desire of living because her husband turned to the dark side and tried choking the life out of her when she was almost nine months pregnant with twins?)

Daniel's response? "Ohhhhh. Luke (his older brother) told me she was hit by a space ice cream truck."