Erin Designs

One of my favorite things about having my own business is the opportunity to meet and work with people. One such person is Erin O'Brien, a talented interior designer and owner of Erin Designs, LLC. Erin has an incredible eye for color and a creative gift for expression. One of her recent ventures is hand-painting silk scarves. Each one is an original, gorgeous piece of artwork. I am fortunate enough to own one of her scarves and I've gotten compliments every time I've worn it. Erin recommends Texeresilk.com's scarf tying guide for ideas on how to accessorize with scarves. 

  (Not that this picture can do it justice, but I just had to try.)


Just released

I'm excited. One of my favorite authors, Harlan Coben, just released a new book: Caught. Between that, and the library book sale this weekend, I may be incommunicado!


Up in the Air

March 11 marked an anniversary in my life. As anniversaries go, it's not one of those ones that you'd traditionally want to remember. This was the first anniversary of the elimination of my job and the first day of a year filled with ups, downs, and incredible, unbelievable growth.

I look back and imagine what I would tell myself if I were given the chance. I think I'd summarize it with this: Even though your equilibrium might feel precarious--even though you will feel like your entire foundation is shifting under your feet--keep your head up and stay focused. It won't always be this way.  

Being told your job has been eliminated or that you've been laid off or that you're being downsized is hard. Several months ago, I read about a new movie called Up In The Air starring George Clooney. In particular, I was intrigued by how director Jason Reitman used footage from real people affected by job loss and I knew I would have to see it. I found the movie to be remarkable. In fact, I cried cathartic tears throughout most of it.  I recently watched it again and found that it still moved me deeply the second time around.

George Clooney plays Ryan Bingham, a man with few attachments and lots of frequent flyer miles. He lives out of a suitcase and his job as a consultant whose job is to inform unfortunate souls that "your position is no longer available." Anna Kendrick is the young protege that he reluctantly takes out on the road to teach the business.

I realized how much my personal journey resembled bits and pieces of the movie. It's so authentic. Sometimes we'd like to isolate ourselves from the tough circumstances of the reality of life. But the amazing thing is that I didn't feel bad after seeing the movie. The growth that we go through in the shadows of life adds depth to our experiences.

One thing I've learned from all this is to treasure the small moments. I can honestly say that I wouldn't change anything about the past year, even I could. I find myself truly rejoicing in my circumstances, which is the most implausible, unexpected blessing I could have received.