Mascot week kickoff: Trax

Meet Trax. He's the mascot for our local semi-pro baseball team.

At a baseball game at Carson Park over the summer, I observed that Trax frightened young fans, albeit unintentionally. I can relate.

Describing Trax is problematic. To what species does he belong? The closest I've come to an accurate description is "a carrot with mumps." 

A friend of mine asked him what he was. The mascot craftily evaded answering the question by answering, "An engineer." Well played, Trax. And the mystery remains unsolved.    

So, this post officially kicks off Mascot Awareness Week. Visit each day to meet a new mascot.


  1. Even Trax looks like he's saying, "Beats me. I don't know WHAT the heck I am!"

  2. make it go away!!!! Kill It!!