Meet Corky

My sisters and I have a tradition. Instead of having coffee together, we have craft night. The hostess provides the craft supplies and general directions, then it's off to the races. Craft night is hilarious, but it's not designed for the thin-skinned. Prepare to handle good-natured jabs, mocking, and irreverent laughter.

When I hosted a recent craft night, everyone brought something to use in the creative effort. I set up a card table and piled on the supplies: empty bottles, glue guns, wire, beads, soap molds, bits of ribbon, corks, bottle caps...in short, whatever might fuel an idea.

Corky was made by my sister Rebekah, created with her three-year-old daughter in mind. Take a cork, draw an animated face, hot glue a magnet to the top along with yellow rick-rack for hair and place a bottle cap at a jaunty angle and presto...a new doll! I took one look at Corky and cracked up. My sister mischievously placed her in my curio cabinet where I discovered her the next morning.

We laugh at each others ideas and truthfully, the end result of some ideas may be unfortunate or just plain awful. But you can't get good ideas without some bad ones. You never know if the project you're creating will turn out to be "craftastic" or "craptastic"--but it's fun to find out!

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